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Honey Festival In Whiteville NC September 8th 9am to 3pm. 

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I was inspired by my dad at a very young age by watching him grill or cook the fish we caught. My love for cooking also came at a very young age. Some of my earliest memories were baking with my grandmothers, enjoying the dinners my grandfather made and making my mother’s creations even better.  Out of all of the different things I have done in my life, cooking is one thing I have always been proud of. I love food, especially other people’s food. I like to eat and cook all different types of food. Through my many jobs and different types of cuisine I have learned one thing. I am a pretty good cook. It took me a lot of years to come to terms with that.

Asking Jesus to come into my life has taught me a lot about myself. God gave me a very special thing. He gave me the courage to embrace myself and to take control of my future and my destiny. I also have the most beautiful and wonderful wife who loves and respects me with all of her heart. So, with her many years of restaurant management we decided to go into business together. (God help Her) 😊I love working with her. It can be hard at times but it always works out. AMAZING! When I thought things couldn’t get any better God threw in the biggest surprise of both of our lives. Baby Abigail Grace. Here I am 45 years old and a new first time dad and a new business. This is going to be very interesting. So, come aboard my crazy food truck journey. Let me cater your event or just come try out the, ever changing, ideas that I will be slinging out of “Mt, Tabor Manna’s” CHEF IN A TRUCK, where the food comes from my heart to feed your soul.

God Bless and see you soon

Chef Eric

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